Corona information translated in different languages



Use Google to translate this website. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation.

If you can not read the Dutch language properly, it is difficult to understand the information about the coronavirus. On this page you can find information about the coronavirus translated in your own language.

Get tested

Watch this special YouTube-channel about the free corona test. Available in 10 languages.

Corona information translated in different languages (easy to understand)

On the website of Pharos you will find easy to understand information about the coronavirus in different languages.

On the website of Steffie you can find information about the coronavirus rules, quarantine and testing in different languages.

Vaccination against the coronavirus 

Watch a video below for information about the vaccination in your own language.

Arabic                                                                                                Persian

Somali                                                                                               Tigrinya

Turkish                                                                                                 Bulgarian

Romanian                                                                                           Polish

Lietuviû / Litouws                                                                    Italian

More information about the vaccine against the coronavirus in different languages on the website of Steffie.

In the videos below you can see how the vaccination works at one of our vaccination locations. 

With Turkish subtitels                                                                     With Arabic subtitels

Government information translated

  • On this website you can find all government information in English about the coronavirus.
  • Click here to find information about the coronavirus in the Netherlands in English, Arabic, Bulgaric, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish and Somali.

The Dutch press conference about the coronavirus in 8 languages (Arabic-Syrian, Turkish, Polish, Tigrinya, Moroccan-Arabic, Berber/Tamazight, Farsi, English).

Facebook groups in Farsi, Eritrean and Syrian

Do you need help during quarantine or do you have questions about the coronavirus? The WhatsApp Red Cross helpline can help you in Arabic, Berber/Amazigh, Turkish, Chinese, Portugese and Polish.